Glass House at Jeju island. South Korea

Glass House by Tadao Ando.

Located at Phoenix island, eastern cost of Jeju island.

 mint restaurant


Genius loci at Jeju island. South korea

Jeju island. My first time experience about Ando.
(Tadao Ando is a japanese world architect http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tadao_Ando)

at genius loci.

genius loci is a meditation garden with sounds surrounding the area,  a meditation hall and art gallery.
Located at phoenix island, the ocean resort complex in Seopjikoji on the eastern cost of Jeju island.

From Jeju city it took 1.5 hour one way to reach there and costed 35000 won by taxi.


Bangkok.Thailand - day 1

Thank GOD we've made it! Bangkok rocks!
Everybody as i knew always want to go to Bangkok, no matter what, it is so tempting for us lately. After random searching for #airasia quite sometimes, we got the ticket, very cheap! only 1.8 million in idr, return for two! get lucky!
from above!
day 1

We landed in Suvarnabhumi airport and used taxi to the hotel.
first thing first that you have to do after reaching the airport is find a money changer or airport concierge.
from airport to our choosen hotel at Pratunam area is about 30 minutes and we paid 150 bath ( 1 bath = 350 idr ).

After arrived in #lemonteahotel (it is very interesting hotel, will tell you more later!), we decided to throwed the nights for late dinner at Siam area. Look at this! our first Thai food in Thailand! i can't tell how excited and delicious this food are!
this resto name #somtamnua
 bamboo salad
som tam nua ( papaya salad )
almost like fried noodle
my Thailand cake!

after had a dinner, we decided to spend the night at one of the highest building in Bangkok! 
yeah we took their traditional tuk-tuk (for the first time ofcourse) and it was like fab! and like our indo traditional public transport, but here is cleaner and they could spoke english that good.
tuk tuk
everybody's favorite

arrived in #banyan tree hotel! what do you think? 
from above 61st floor

the 29th for me!

wishing you guys always happy, keep beautiful, handsome, funnier, cuter, healtier, and keep reading this random blog. for sure :D